Customs Brokerage


Formal entry under construction       


Additional b/l or invoices on entry    
Additional classification on entry    
FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or any other agency)    
* Other charges Postage, etc.
 Please call for Charges    
Additional Import Permits may be required by other agencies according to the commodity . Agriculture, Wild Life, FDA,FCC etc.
All entries must be covered by US Customs  Bond.
The value of a Single Entry Bond should be the value of the invoice plus Duty charge
If you Import regularly a Continuous Customs Bond is recommended.
Documents required to file an Entry
A power of Attorney, a Customs broker must have a valid Power of Attorney on file in order to prepare any entry on your behalf. This is a US Custom Requirement.
Invoice (The Invoice must be in english and  have the Manufacture name and address.)
Original Bill of Lading properly endorsed.or Copy
Arrival Notice.
** Packing List, Certificate of origin, and others if required.
(The cargo will not be released if the Endorsed Original Bill of Lading and freight charges are not forwarded to the consolidator (CFS) or Shipping Line.)


Useful links

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Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
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